Sports Advisory Board

Sports Advisory Board (Non-Voting)


Director         –           TBA                –                       Football

Director         –           TBA                –                       Basketball

Director         –           TBA                –                       Baseball

Director         –           TBA                –                       Hockey

Director         –           TBA                –                       Soccer

Director         –           TBA                –                       Combat

Director         –           TBA                –                       Auto Racing

Director         –           TBA                –                       College Sports

Director         –           TBA                –                       Women’s Sports


The Sports Advisory Board assists and advises the Director of Programming in the exercise of creating new content related to the networks owned and operated by Broadcast Media Management. The guiding concern of the Board is the growth and development of coverage of all professional, collegiate and minor league sports. The Board both advises the Director on special events, expanded coverage, broadcast policy issues and fan engagement.


The Board consists of nine members: 

  • ALL NINE (9) are appointed members, chosen by the President in consultation with the C-Level Executive, with each sports representative chosen as a respected member of his/her field of expertise.


Members are appointed to stagger two-year terms.

The Sports Advisory Board (SAB) is appointed by the President of the Broadcast Media Management with advice and consultation provided by the Vice President of Broadcast Media Management and Presidents of each owned and operated TV Network. The position is a two–year renewable term beginning with the start of each Fall broadcast season.


Statement of the Role of the Sports Advisory Board Specific Sports Representative

The Sports Advisory Board (SAB) primary purposes are to promote equality among sporting events that carried on each TV network owned and operated by Broadcast Media Management. The Sports Advisory Board works collaboratively with the Vice President of BMM Group and each President of all for Student Affairs, the Director of Athletics, the Athletic Administrative Staff, Coaches, and ultimately the University President to provide significant leadership in the governance of the intercollegiate athletics program.

The Sports Advisory Board will be broadly aware of professional, collegiate, and minor league sports broadcast guidelines, as set forth by the various league/institutions, and relaying such information back to the networks. This information will help in the logistical planning of broadcasting the scheduled events across the various platforms. The Sports Advisory Board will play a centralized role in communicating matters related to the scheduled broadcast events to the Presidents of each network.


Specific Duties 

  1. The SAB will make themselves aware of the credentials acquisition procedures of every professional, collegiate and minor league team, ensuring our team of sports reporters, broadcast personnel and affiliated employees access to the entire venue. 
  1. The SAB will review and monitor the safety standards set forth by Broadcast Media Management and the venues where said events are to be broadcast. Any concerns will be brought to the attention of the Directors of said events in the weekly planning meetings.
  1. The SAB will represent Broadcast Media Management at a wide-range of Conventions, Special Events and Symposiums during the Calendar Year. He/she will be involved in panel discussions (when booked) with the industry leaders at each scheduled event.