Executive Officers


Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Human Resources

Director of Mobile Business

Director of International Development

Head of Product Management

Vice-President & Managing Director of EMEA

Vice-President Advertising & Global Operations

Vice-President Global Marketing Solutions


Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

           Vice-President Investor Relations

           Vice-President Strategic and Financial Planning

           Vice-President Taxation

           Vice-President Internal Audit and General Auditor

           Vice-President Administration

           Vice-President Financial Operations

           Vice-President Financial Reporting


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Chief Content Officer (CCO)


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

            Executive Vice-President Broadcast Operations

           Vice-President of Network Programming Distribution


Vice-President Corporate Communications

           President Vision Sports TV

           President Vision Deportes TV

           President Vision Sports Preps TV

           President Women’s Sports Channel

           President Wildlife TV

           President Ton TV

           President Feast TV


Chief Technology Officer

             Director of Technical Operations

             Chief Security Officer


Vice-President Marketing & Partnerships

            Vice-President Product Development

            Vice-President of Engineering

                       Director of Engineering


Vice-President of Domestic Communications/Marketing

           Director of Platform Marketing

           Director of Domestic Marketing

           Manager of Platform Communications