Studio Overview

Miracle Toon Studios is a full service television and motion picture production studio. Our facility creates television programming, movies, music videos, TV commercials, corporate presentations, and just about anything else that involves film or video.

Miracle Toon Studios occupies more than 70,000 square feet of production space, situated just 25 minutes from Hollywood. Our studio lot offers full production and post production facilities, including 6 sound stages2 screening rooms, editing bays and production offices. All stages come complete with green rooms and space for wardrobe and makeup. We also offer an 80 acre back lot with canyons, trails and other outdoor filming options.

Miracle Toon Studios features the largest green cyclorama stage in Castaic. Our film studio also offers a stage with a dedicated white cyclorama, along with an outdoor 24×80 blue screen. Grip, special lighting and other expendables are available with any studio rental.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to view our lot and stages. We’re confident that once you see and experience everything we have to offer, you’ll decide that Miracle Toon Studios is the studio of choice for your production.

Studio History

The studio lot that Miracle Toon Studios occupies was constructed in 1979. At the time the property was originally constructed, it was used as an industrial complex, full of warehouses and offices for shipping companies. Visionary real estate developers acquired the property at the end of the 1990s, with an intent to develop and transform compound into a world class motion picture studio. The plan was a success, and when the studio first opened its doors, it was to the delight of writers, producers and filmmakers alike.

The property underwent extensive renovations from 2001 to 2004. Offices were updated to meet production and post-production needs, warehouses were transformed into sound stages, and the studio slowly began to come to life. The studio officially operated as Cheyenne Studios for several years, although some filmmakers also know the property as Castaic Studios, due to it’s location in Castaic, California. During this time, the studio played host to a large number of video productions. Many notable actors and actresses made our studio their home, and continue to do so. Sean Penn (Into the Wild) and Chris Moore (American Pie, Goodwill Hunting) are just a couple of the many Hollywood insiders who have filmed on our studio lot.

The property changed management in 2010 and began to operate under the name Fantastic Lane, also known as Fantastic Lane Studios. The new name was selected to match the name of the private drive that the studio lot is situated on. The new name came with a new image, as well as with a renewed commitment to helping filmmakers see their vision translate into reality. The studio continued to be home to a number of productions, ranging from full length feature presentations, to reality TV shows, to popular music videos. Fantastic Lane was acquired by Broadcast Media Management in 2014.

Today, Miracle Toon Studios is widely recognized as a leader in the music video and independent film business, but also caters to a number of featured films, corporate clients and advertising agencies who wish to film commercials. Anything that involves moving pictures can be filmed on the Broadcast Media Management studio lot, and the fact that it is one of the few non-union lots in the Los Angeles area makes it particularly desirable to those who need a break away from the politics of Hollywood.

Private tours of the Miracle Toon Studios can be arranged by appointment, and our flexible pricing makes it easier for you to complete your project without exceeding your film budget. Contact us to schedule a tour that will showcase everything Miracle Toon Studios has to offer.

Studio Portfolio

For more than a decade, Hollywood professionals have turned to Miracle Toon Studios lot for their filmmaking needs. Actors, Actresses, Producers and other Entertainers have all used our sound stages and editing bays for their production and post-production work. We’ve been fortunate to have a distinguished list of clients over the years, including Sean Penn (Into the Wild) and Chris Moore (American Pie, Goodwill Hunting). Here is a small sample of the filmmakers who have used the motion picture studio at Broadcast Media Management:

  • Desertland Films – Promotional Trailer/Company Video
  • “Sinbad the Fifth Voyage” – Independent Feature Film, Featuring Patrick Stewart
  • Milkman – “Breaking Free” Music Video
  • Lady Q – Music Video
  • Rihanna – Music Video
  • Holly Boy Productions – Lens Crafters National Ad Campaign
  • Revolver Film Co. – Music Video
  • “Say it in Russian” – Independent Feature Film, Starring Faye Dunaway
  • Black Bear Films – Independent Feature Film
  • “Special Ops Delta Force” – Movie of the Week for TNT
  • “National Lampoon’s Going the Distance” – Independent Feature Film
  • IKEA – National Ad Campaign
  • “Séance” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Xenophobia” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Shelter” – Independent Feature Film
  • “The Samurai” – Award Winning Student Film, Cal State Northridge
  • “Last Dance” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Matisyahu” – Multi-Platinum Selling Reggae Artist, Music Video – “Jerusalem”
  • “Shadows of Death” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Barrio Thieves” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Dark Reel” – Independent Feature Film, Starring Edward Furlong, Lance Henriksen
  • “Victim” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Comic Book of Man” – Independent Feature Film
  • Rising Storm Productions – “Parasomnia” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Young Davy Crockett” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Afro Ninja: Destiny” – Independent Feature Film
  • “The One-Eyed Monster” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Into the Wild” – Sean Penn Featured Film, Oscar Contender
  • “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight” (formerly Kamen Rider: Dark Knight) – Television Series produced for Cartoon Network, but aired on The CW
  • “Hurt” – Independent Feature Film
  • Pandora’s Box – Music Video
  • “Hollywood Boot Camp” – Smash Reality TV Show in Asia
  • “Sabotage” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Thunder Geniuses” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake” – Independent Feature Film
  • “Kill Theory” (Formerly Last Resort/Killers) – Independent Feature Film Directed by Chris Moore, the Producer of Goodwill Hunting and the American Pie trilogy
  • Megadeth – “Never Walk Alone” Music Video
  • RCTV – TV Commercial for Venezuelan Dissident TV Station
  • “Sea Siren” – Dance DVD
  • “Good God Bad Dog” – Independent Feature Film Starring Tom Sizemore, James Russo
  • “Focus Motion” – Major League Martial Arts, Reality TV Show for Fox Television
  • Hill & Brand – Black & Decker 2005 Super Bowl Ad Campaign